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We are all busy all the time but we still need to eat. Dinner Delights offers personal chef services to meet any budget or needs. Meal selections are fully-customized to your taste and dietary needs.

After too many nights staring at the fridge with no easy to prepare meals and no time, I started making freezer meals. With a little bit of early preparation, I had delicious, quick meals to make the busy nights go a little smoother.

I started Dinner Delights to help your busy nights go a little smoother so you too can

Make every night
a Dinner Delight!


Freezer Meal Parties

Gather your girlfriends! Dinner Delights freezer meal parties are a fun way to assemble meals ahead of time so you can pull them out and have fresh, delicious dinners on the table in no time. Dinner Delights takes care of the menu planning, shopping and prepping. You and your girlfriends get together for an evening of assembling and socialization. At the end of the party, everyone takes home six meals.

per person
3 servings of 6 meals
per person
6 servings of 6 meals

Personal Chef Services

Let Dinner Delights be your personal culinary concierge! We work together to create a menu that is as unique as you. Want a hot, delicious home-cooked meal waiting for you when you walk in the door? Make tonight a Dinner Delight! Dinner Delights also offers one-on-one cooking instruction for those looking to sharpen their cooking skills and know-how.

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Shane made Indian fry tacos for dinner tonight. They are so good! What are you eating?When you probably break your arm, you get to pick dessert. Colin helped make his bad to the bone cake. It is banana chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting and sprinkles from @cremecupcakedsm @wiltoncakes and @fancysprinkles because we love sprinkles. Hopefully this helps arms heal fast. 
#DinnerDelights #personalchef #chocolatecake #allthesprinklesDelicious Dinner Delights April meal options!! Ready to try to out these convenient and family-friendly meals . Send Dinner Delights a DM and let us know which meals you are wanting. You can have them delivered locally around Des Moines and the surrounding area.
#dinnerdelightsanynightšŸ“šŸ’šBananas were on sale so I have decided to use quarantine to figure out the ultimate banana bread recipe. What is your favorite banana bread recipe?Grilled potatoes are one of my favorite things in the grill. They went great with the Blood Mary flank steak that will be on the menu later this summer.
#DinnerDelights #personalchef #freezermeals #grilledpotatoesHere is April's awesome menu preview!!
Chicken Flautas
Cashew Chicken 
Chicken Tinga Tacos
Ham and Cheese Pot Pie 
Cuban Sandwiches 
Pork Egg Roll Bowls
Maple Sausage Breakfast Sandwiches
Sriracha and Cheddar Juicy Lucy
Greek Orzo (Manestra)
Meatball Parmesan
Contact Dinner Delights for meal and party information!!
#dinnerdelightseverynightšŸ“šŸ’šYum! Chicken flautas are almost ready.My world famous cheese bread. Itā€™s a good day for comfort food. There were many days in college and law school when I lived off this bread. 
#DinnerDelights #personalchef #cheesebread #somanymemories

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