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We are all busy all the time but we still need to eat. Dinner Delights offers personal chef services to meet any budget or needs. Meal selections are fully-customized to your taste and dietary needs.

After too many nights staring at the fridge with no easy to prepare meals and no time, I started making freezer meals. With a little bit of early preparation, I had delicious, quick meals to make the busy nights go a little smoother.

I started Dinner Delights to help your busy nights go a little smoother so you too can

Make every night
a Dinner Delight!


Freezer Meal Parties

Gather your girlfriends! Dinner Delights freezer meal parties are a fun way to assemble meals ahead of time so you can pull them out and have fresh, delicious dinners on the table in no time. Dinner Delights takes care of the menu planning, shopping and prepping. You and your girlfriends get together for an evening of assembling and socialization. At the end of the party, everyone takes home six meals.

per person
3 servings of 6 meals
per person
6 servings of 6 meals

Personal Chef Services

Let Dinner Delights be your personal culinary concierge! We work together to create a menu that is as unique as you. Want a hot, delicious home-cooked meal waiting for you when you walk in the door? Make tonight a Dinner Delight! Dinner Delights also offers one-on-one cooking instruction for those looking to sharpen their cooking skills and know-how.

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Today was another set of one off meals in addition my usual weekly clients. A few weeks ago a women called from Oregon to see if I could make some meals for her mother in law after surgery here in Des Moines. So I called her mother in law and we agreed on a menu and delivery schedule. She received two weeks of meals and her daughter in law was able to help care for her even though she isn’t local. 
If you know someone that could use some meals as they recover from surgery, are quarantined with Covid, or welcoming a new child, let me know. I would love to help you show your support with delicious heat and eat meals. 
#personalchef #DinnerDelights #mealprep #surgeryrecoveryToday was extra busy. In addition to my weekly clients I had a couple of one off orders. This person contacted me for some healthy lunches to grab out of the freezer. I made four each of these five grain bowls. They have a rice/quinoa base with chicken, veggies, and sauce. 
#DinnerDelights #personalchef #mealprep #healthyeatingSalisbury Steak are smothered with an onion and beef gravy and served with veggies. Tasty and convenient, and can be in your freezer!! Contact Dinner Delights today.
#dinnerisserved🍽️Why do take out when you can have Dinner Delights!!A quick, flavorful meal for a busy night. Diced chicken is topped with a sweet garlic and herb sauce.
Contact Dinner Delights today for your convenient freezer meals!!
#sodelicious🍽️Happy birthday to Dinner Delights and me. Four years ago, for my 35th birthday, I filed the paperwork to incorporate Dinner Delights. The last four years have been amazing. I have learned so much and met so many great people. Thank you for all your support! I look forward to cooking for you this year, and many more to come.Our last Christmas activity is done. Long ago I gave up on trying to get gingerbread or graham crackers to stick together. We decorate Rice Krispie treats. The boys mould them then cover them in frosting and candy. This year Colin made a liger. Ethan made a turtle. Now we move into birthday activities. 
#ricekrispies #gingerbreadhouse #twelvedaysofchristmasShane is trying out a new financial app. This is one of the year in review screens. 😂 and this is only our personal card. I went a few times and didn’t get anything for us. So I’m at Costco about every 2.5 days shopping for supplies. 
#shoppingqueen #groceryshoppingHappy 2021!! Dinner Delights has awesome freezer meals to start your year out right!! These meals make it easy on those days where you're wanting something convenient and delicious, contact Dinner Delights today!!

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