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We are all busy all the time but we still need to eat. Dinner Delights offers personal chef services to meet any budget or needs. Meal selections are fully-customized to your taste and dietary needs.

After too many nights staring at the fridge with no easy to prepare meals and no time, I started making freezer meals. With a little bit of early preparation, I had delicious, quick meals to make the busy nights go a little smoother.

I started Dinner Delights to help your busy nights go a little smoother so you too can

Make every night
a Dinner Delight!


Freezer Meal Parties

Gather your girlfriends! Dinner Delights freezer meal parties are a fun way to assemble meals ahead of time so you can pull them out and have fresh, delicious dinners on the table in no time. Dinner Delights takes care of the menu planning, shopping and prepping. You and your girlfriends get together for an evening of assembling and socialization. At the end of the party, everyone takes home six meals.

per person
3 servings of 6 meals
per person
6 servings of 6 meals

Personal Chef Services

Let Dinner Delights be your personal culinary concierge! We work together to create a menu that is as unique as you. Want a hot, delicious home-cooked meal waiting for you when you walk in the door? Make tonight a Dinner Delight! Dinner Delights also offers one-on-one cooking instruction for those looking to sharpen their cooking skills and know-how.

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Pies from @homeslicepie are amazing! I loved working with Laura on Thanksgiving orders. I am super excited to work with her for Christmas.Cinnamon rolls are rising and apple cider is mulling in the slow cooker. It’s going to be a delicious day. 
Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a delicious day too.Have a wonderful day!!
#ThanksgivingOn the road again. Out making deliveries for Thanksgiving. Lots of delicious food and @homeslicepie  being delivered this afternoon.Made a pie delivery today. A fresh @homeslicepie apple pie. It smelled so good. I’m excited to deliver more tomorrow for you to enjoy for Thanksgiving.The perfect meal for any night!! Love crock-pot meals, so convenient and make the house smell wonderful!! Contact Dinner Delights for delicious freezer meals!!
#winterdelights⛄Meals were ready for delivery in time for the snow to start today. We got them delivered and now are cozy at home working on the winter holiday menu. 
Today I made 
*Spaghetti with cheese bread
*Moroccan lamb meatballs with salad and tahini sauce
*Asian pork soup with wonton strips
#DinnerDelights #personalchef #mealprepThe Georgian (country not state) Acharuli Khachapuri (egg and cheese bread) turned out delicious. I’m not very good at timing baked eggs. I served it with Katmis Satsivi (chicken and walnut stew). I originally tried this recipe years ago when we lived in Denver. I read the article and recipes in @saveurmag. I made the stew for a good friend going through cancer treatment. He was told nuts were good for him. It is a delicious stew and brought up great memories of a good friend.

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